NPQH Cohort Five at Wallscourt Farm Academy with Noodle the school dog.


The NPQH programme forms part of the new Leadership Curriculum.  It can be completed in twelve to eighteen months and is a blend of face to face learning, online learning and self directed study.  You are required to be sponsored by your headteacher during the programme. 

The Cabot Learning Federation wants to play a key role in creating a self-sustaining school improvement system where school leaders drive the change needed to make a difference to the lives of young people. Through the development of a high quality, flexible and affordable model of leadership development, we believe we can help future school leaders become the leader they want to be.

We want to build a team of outstanding leaders who will want to maintain their links with the CLF after the NPQH is completed and develop a long lasting relationship with the leader and their school. Only if we deliver training to the highest standard will we achieve this goal.

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