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Good news! We have secured a bid for the South West to develop a DfE funded programme to recruit and provide acclimatisation for qualified Maths and Physics teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA relocating to England.

The project will build on the successful Quantum Scholars programme developed by a collaboration of Teaching Schools and Maths Hubs in the South East.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • Recruitment – working with a DfE appointed specialist international recruitment agency, Prospero, to identify pipeline of suitable candidates, to provide matching service to schools, and to provide support throughout the year to ensure schools are able to fill vacancies.
  • Transition – to support international teachers arriving and settling in England with assistance such as applying for national insurance numbers and registering with a GP etc. A residential summer school induction will include information relating to the English curriculum and assessment, pedagogy and behaviour management, so that teachers are classroom-ready for Sept (or Jan) start.
  • Retention – to support teachers to thrive and remain in post once they start working in England, including through structured entitlement to mentoring and access to peer network.
  • Ongoing Support - to provide access to appropriate CPD and networking through Teaching Schools and Maths Hubs, to ensure recruits are successful and deliver high quality teaching throughout their first year of teaching in England and engage with ongoing CPD.

 We have a target to recruit 20 international teachers to take up posts in the SW in 2018-19.

Audit of demand:

We are very keen to receive expressions of interest in recruitment of candidates through this programme from schools (or groups of schools), as soon as possible, whilst we are developing the brand and advertising package to candidates with Prospero. (For more details about Prospero click here.)

Further promotional information will be shared very soon, through the DfE’s landing page for the programme, local Teaching Schools and Maths Hubs websites and newsletters. 

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